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PBR metal wall panel PBR Wall Panels
The PBR metal wall panel system may be used for roof and wall applications, including wall liner, mansard and soffit panel applications. This panel's deep ribs create an even-shadowed appearance. The area between the ribs is reinforced.
PBA wall paneling AVP Wall Panels
The AVP wall paneling system features metal panels for side walls designed to produce a decorative, smooth shadow line, creating a distinctive architectural effect with semi-concealed fasteners. Ribs are 1 ¹⁄₈ inches deep and major corrugations spaced 12 inches on center. AVP wall panels are available in 29, 26, 24, and 22- gauge options. The net coverage of each panel is 3 feet.
ShadowRib metal wall paneling ShadowRib Wall Panels
The ShadowRib wall paneling system combines aesthetics, economics and function to bring definition to metal building systems . ShadowRib is a proven performer and a versatile tool for the designer. It can be used for walls, fascias and equipment screens, and can be applied over light gauge framing, purlins, girts, structural steel and joists. The ShadowRib metal wall panels carry a UL “Class A” fire rating and are ready for application of a variety of insulation methods into the 3” cavity. View ShadowRib panel sample details.
PBU wall paneling system PBU Wall Panels
Because of its easy-to-install design, our PBU wall paneling system is especially useful across a variety of applications, including wall panels, liner panels, partition panels, soffit panels and façade panel faces. A utility panel with ¾-inch ribs placed 6 inches apart on centers, our PBU paneling is available in 26- and 24- gauge options.

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