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Metal Building Furnish & Erection Services

Ceco Building Systems has led the metal buildings industry with uniform pricing, product development and metal building erection services. We understand the process and the critical nature of erection safety, quality and scheduling.

Ceco is the only major manufacturer providing long-standing furnish & erect services. Our customers have access to an impressive group of certified steel building erectors. We believe that communication and transparency are critical during this process while being able to provide customers with well-trained labor for the building erection phase. That is why Ceco carefully selects the best team possible to get your project off the ground.


Ceco’s Steel Building Furnish & Erect Services Include:

  • Ceco authorized network of certified erectors
  • Single source responsibility for erection of building
  • Ceco applied directives for bonded services as required
  • Competitive pricing structure built on long-standing relationships with our preferred erectors
  • Reputable troubleshooting, field service and follow up during and after the sale and erection
  • Stringent safety requirements to fit project scenarios as required


For the past seventy years, we have provided customers with a single point of contact for the building package, engineering/project management and furnish & erect services. We take immense pride in our collective knowledge base of seasoned metal building professionals.


Steel Construction Training & Safety

Our preferred steel building erectors are certified to meet Ceco’s weathertight warranties and building construction requirements. Our erectors have their own extensive safety protocols in place and can meet the most stringent safety programs in the country. Comprehensive OSHA 30-hour training, equipment operation, first aid and CPR certifications are required for all our erectors.


Insurance & Bonding

Ceco sets forth the directives for all insurance requirements. We require our metal building erection partners to be compliant for liability, workers’ compensation and umbrella insurance. Performance and payment bonding is available when requested.