ThermalSafe® Fire Resistant Panel

ThermalSafe® is a composite panel with a core made from non-combustible structural mineral wool boards. The panels have one-, two- and three-hour fire resistance ratings under the most demanding conditions.

ThermalSafe® mineral wool panels are ideal for industrial buildings, including manufacturing plants, auxiliary buildings at refineries and others at risk for fire building installations. Warehouses of all types are also a great structure for mineral wool panels, where they can be installed as exterior fire resistant separation walls or as fire partitions and barriers inside tilt-up buildings that contain multiple tenant leased space. High occupancy structures like sports arenas and gymnasiums and food processing facilities are also well suited for the ThermalSafe® profile.

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Dimensions: 42” wide
Slope: N/A
Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System
Gauges: Exterior: 26, 24 | Interior: 26, 24
Facings: Exterior: Stucco-embossed, Ultra Light Mesa Profile
Interior: Ultra Light Mesa Profile
Finishes: N/A
Coatings: Standard and Premium Colors
Rib Spacing: N/A
Thicknesses: 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”
Lengths: 8’-0” to 40’-0”
Reveal Options: N/A
Fasteners: Fasteners and clip concealed in side joint
Usage: Wall panel for commercial and industrial applications