C. L. Mitchell founded Ceco Building Systems with a dream and eleven employees in 1947. He wanted to make the construction of buildings a more rewarding experience for his customers. By the 1960’s, the company became a leader in launching the metal building industry on its transformative journey from simple, shade and shelter projects to highly customized and architecturally-focused buildings. The spirit of C. L. Mitchell’s intentions and his inventions is a thread that continues to run through the fabric of Ceco today.

During the sixties, Ceco led the industry with uniform building pricing, development of the standing seam roof, in-house construction services and the use of computers for designing and estimating buildings. In the early 90s, Mitchell’s protégés took what they had learned from him and moved the company forward by implementing the first personal computer-based software for use in builders’ offices to design and price projects. They also expanded the product line to include more architecturally sensitive roof and wall panel profiles.

In 2006, Robertson-Ceco Corporation was sold to NCI Building Systems now known as Cornerstone Building Brands. Cornerstone Building Brands is North America’s leading exterior building products manufacturer.

Ceco Today

Today, Ceco is known for our sophisticated capabilities in highly complex metal building projects. Our unparalleled expertise, passion for innovation and uncompromising commitment to our builders’ success extend across the project lifecycle—from planning to building and beyond. As a relationship-driven company, we believe strongly that collaboration is the key to creating state-of-the-art building solutions.