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Ceco has extensive experience in creating metal retail and restaurant spaces. We provide custom-made steel retail or restaurant building solutions that are aesthetically appealing, multi-purpose, and functional. Whether you are looking to stand out with  a contemporary building  or looking to blend in with the surroundings, Ceco has the building design expertise help you create the perfect building for your project.  

Customizable Steel Retail & Restaurant Buildings

Ceco can help you bring your steel restaurant building concept to life. Customize the interior and exterior of your building to create the perfect ambiance for your customers. With endless possibilities in coloring and finishes, create an attractive building that will stand out amongst the competition.    

Clear-span building frames with column-free interiors allow for a retail floor that maximizes space for your store, inventory storage, and more. Metal buildings allow design flexibility for you to create an attractive building while meeting the proper code requirements and specifications. Our expertise will guide you through local codes and ensure your building project meets the needs of your customers.  

Why Ceco? 

At Ceco Buildings, we specialize in the engineering and fabrication of highly complex metal building projects. We engineer and fabricate every product to achieve superior strength, durability, and design flexibility. Our facilities are employed with manufacturing automation and state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality and accuracy in the industry. Speak with an authorized builder or a Ceco rep to learn more. If you would like to work with Ceco, learn more about joining our authorized builder network 

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