Warranty Programs

Industry Leading Roof Warranty Programs

You need a construction solution that will last long after the completion of the project. That is why we make it easy to ensure the quality and longevity of your roof with the industry’s most comprehensive warranty programs.

Not only do our warranties offer the utmost in weahertightness protection, but they also serve as a resource to verify the proper installation of the roof systems through the construction process. The end result is a higher-quality product backed by a warranty you an count on.

Warranty Overview

Standard I, II, & III Warranty Programs

Competitive standard warranties that serve to cover the weather tightness of the roof system, provided it as been installed in accordance with our erection drawings.

Standard Warranty Program


Single-Source Warranty I, II & III Programs

Premier warranties for the roof system that include geometry and detail review, along with regular inspections to ensure that the approved details are being followed. Inspection reports are provided to the roofing contractor and architect to ensure compliance with warranty requirements.

Single-Source Warranty

Finish Warranties

Ceco Building Systems warrants that the panels, effective from date of shipment, will perform in accordance to the criteria stated in the warranty.

Pre-coated Signature 200 Panel Warranty

Pre-coated Signature 300 Panel Warranty

Weather Tightness Warranty

Weather tightness warranties are for the roof systems only. All manufacturer procedures must be followed for issuance of the warranty and Buyer must have paid in full all invoices for materials prior to issuance of the warranty.

Weather Tightness Warranty

Product Warranty

Ceco Building Systems warrants to the original purchaser (buyer) and the original building owner, it’s products as listed  in the warranty document. The warranty is subject to limitations, terms, conditions and exclusions outlined in the therin. Fabricated steel components are warranted only against failure due to defective material or workmanship for a period of one year effective from date of shipment.

Product Warranty

Galvalume/Galvalume Plus Warranty

Ceco Building Systems warrants the panels will perform in accordance to the Galvalume Warranty, which states that the manufacturer’s hot-dipped aluminum-zinc alloy coated Galvalume sheet steel sold for use as unpainted steel building roofing and siding panels will not rupture, fail structurally or perforate within a period of 20 years from the date of shipment due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion.

Galvalume Warranty