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How will a Ceco building help me meet LEED® certification for my project?

In addition to using materials that are virtually 100% recyclable, Ceco supports numerous green building objectives and strives continually to advance our sustainable building capabilities, like cool roof technologies. A Ceco steel building system can help you achieve LEED points in several areas, as detailed in the chart below.

LEED®-Ceco Building Systems Credit Guide

Name Description Number of Points* Reason
SS Credit 5.1 Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat 1 Being shop-fabricated, Ceco metal buildings allow field assembly using a minimal work area.
SS Credit 7.1 Heat Island Effect: Non-roof Up to 2 (1 plus 1 Exemplary Performance point (4) By deploying parking covers with Ceco roof products, 1 point is earned for 50% of spaces covered, and an exemplary performance point can be earned for 100% of spaces covered.
SS Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect: Roof 1 Our Snow White, Ivory, Bone White, and Solar White colors meet the low-slope requirement and all Ceco colors meet the steep slope requirement of this credit.
EA Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance Up to 10 By utilizing Ceco cool roof colors (3) and insulated metal panels in your energy models, you can reduce external loads and downsize HVAC equipment to help get the most points possible.
MR Credit 4.1 and MR Credit 4.2 Recycled Content: 10% and 20% Up to 2 Depending on the nature of the project, Ceco metal buildings will contain between 25% and 60% recycled steel by weight (5). (Post-consumer + ½ Pre-consumer.) On a typical project, this will represent about 40% of our contract value.
MR Credit 5.1 (under LEED-NC 2.0 and 2.1 only) Regional Materials: 20% Manufactured Regionally 1 Ceco is comprised of a network of companies operating 39 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Mexico. This network maximizes the amount of material manufactured within a 500-mile radius of most points in the US.
EQ Credit 8.1 Daylight and Views: Daylight 75% of spaces 1 Ceco’s insulated light transmitting panels are excellent diffusers when utilized on the roof or walls.

1. This table assumes LEED-NC v2.2 unless otherwise noted.

2. LEED requirements are based on all materials constructed under the project contract, of which the metal building is only a portion.  Actual requirements may not be achieved once all materials are considered.  Credit values shown on this table reflect those available, not necessarily those that are earned for a given project.

3. The use of cool roof colors may actually not be allowed in the energy code used for your project.  In colder climates, darker roof colors may result in optimal energy performance.  Consult your design professional for local requirements.

4. The claiming of Exemplary Performance points may be limited.

5. Using the US Steel Recycling Institute industry averages for March 2009.

I have been told that my Ceco building must meet Factory Mutual requirements. What are these, and why does Factory Mutual have special requirements?

Factory Mutual has design requirements that go beyond most model building codes and vary by location. Your end customers should contact their local Factory Mutual insurance representative to get the requirements for their specific building. These requirements will vary depending on location, building size and FM representative. If the project is an architectural job, the requirements should be listed on the plans and/or specs.

The Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association (MBMA) has worked closely with Factory Mutual and other insurance companies to establish a clear understanding of their requirements and utilize nationally recognized consensus standards where possible. Ceco can design your steel building to any additional requirements over and above the local building codes, but it is important that these insurance requirements are discussed early in the planning and design stage, as they may have significant impact on the building design.

Who is responsible for designing the foundation of a Ceco metal building project?

Ceco must inform the builder of the loads imposed on the foundation by the metal building system. However, the anchor bolt plans we prepare are intended to show only the location, diameter and projection of anchor bolts required to attach the metal building system to the foundation. Ceco is not responsible for the design, materials or workmanship of the foundation.

The Common Industry Practices Section of the Low Rise Building Systems Manual places responsibility for the foundation on the contractor or end customer, unless altered by a specific agreement between the parties involved. The contractor or end user must ensure that adequate provisions are made so that the foundation can properly support the metal building system. These provisions include specifying bolt embedment, bearing angles, tie rods and/or other associated items embedded in the concrete foundation, as well as foundation design for the loads imposed by the metal building system, other imposed loads, as well as the bearing capacity of the soil and other conditions of the building site.

How do I find a Ceco builder in my area?

Select a state on the Builder Search page and contact our District Sales Manager to find a Ceco builder in your area.

Does Ceco have an authorized installer certification program?

Yes! Ceco is committed to educating erectors in the proper use, methods and procedures for installing our roof panel systems. We offer an in-depth, two-day certification course that offers classroom lecture, as well as hands-on training for Ultra-Dek®, Double-Lok®, SuperLok®, BattenLok® HS, LokSeam® and Craftsman™ HB Series products. This certification is required for Standard III warranty and all Single Source™ warranties.  To learn more about our new and innovative training program, please reference our Certified Installer Program.

If I become a Ceco Builder, is there a minimum sales quota or amount of purchases required per year?

No, each market and region is unique and has different potential. Your District Sales Manager will work with you to maximize sales and leads.

Does Ceco have a marketing group that can offer leads in my area?

Yes, our marketing group works through several online sources and national publications that have “reply card” services, and these leads are usually directed back to the appropriate District Sales Manager.

Will Ceco provide product and pricing training for their systems?

Yes, we provide complete computer-based training for our industry leading pricing/design software, and classes are held in many regions several times throughout the year. In addition to pricing, Ceco also offers “hands on” erection classes with full-size product models.

My projects are usually small and won’t involve an architect. Can Ceco provide design/build services?

Yes, we can provide full design and coordination on the metal building. Foundation designs, however, are provided by others. Your District Sales Manager can suggest local foundation design engineers, if requested.

What experience does Ceco have working with builders?

Ceco Building Systems’ fundamental belief is to “Build Success” with our Ceco Authorized Builder Network. Our Authorized Builder Network is the best resource for our experience. Find detailed accounts of our existing builder experiences in their own words, from this collection of builder testimonials.

What is an Authorized Ceco Builder?

An Authorized Ceco Building Systems builder is a company that has been appointed by our local District Sales Manager. This appointed company will represent Ceco Building Systems in their respective marketplace.

How do I become an Authorized Ceco Builder?

Ceco Building Systems has a national network of District Sales Managers that are responsible for their respective territories. If you are interested in becoming a Ceco Building Systems Authorized Builder, please contact your local District Sales Manager.

How can I work with an Authorized Ceco Builder?

Ceco Building Systems has a national network of District Sales Managers that are responsible to maintain and develop their respective territories. To work with an Authorized Ceco Builder we prefer that you contact our local District Sales Manager. The local District Manager will then match your need with the best possible Authorized Ceco Builder.

What markets does Ceco serve?

Ceco Building Systems provides manufactured steel buildings for any “low rise” commercial construction market. Our buildings are most often utilized for the following construction markets:

How large a building can I build with Ceco?

Ceco Building Systems manufacturers for the “low rise” Construction Industry. Ceco Building Systems would approach a large facility by encouraging the Authorized Builder to employ one of our Engineering Service Centers. Our Ceco Engineering Service Center would then determine the most cost effective design for any large facility opportunities. We are only restricted by the project if it does not meet the “low rise” requirements.

What types of buildings does Ceco work with? / What types of structures can I build with Ceco?

Ceco steel building systems have been used to build everything from steel office buildings, automotive dealerships, retail locations and warehouses to metal school buildings, church buildings and government buildings—not to mention the wide variety of agricultural steel buildings we construct, including steel barns and livestock buildings, grain-storage structures and steel farm buildings. In addition, our metal wall panel systems can be used in combination with traditional materials, such as brick, stonework or glass, for added architectural flexibility. View our custom engineered steel buildings, to see real examples of the diversity and beauty of Ceco buildings.

What types of framing systems does Ceco offer?

Ceco Building Systems utilizes different framing systems based on the projects varying criteria. Please click on the following link to view our steel frame systems.

What types of paneling systems does Ceco offer?

The metal building panels offered by Ceco Building Systems cover a wide range of materials and profiles.

How strong are Ceco buildings?

Ceco buildings are designed and engineered to meet your state’s code requirements. They will be as “strong” as any comparable system available. In addition if you would like to build extra “strength” into the design of your building, our Engineering Service Centers can accommodate your additional requests.

Why build with metal?

Our building systems incorporate a versatile, green and cost competitive design. Our Steel Building Construction in most cases is delivered quicker, better insulated and more cost effective. Encompassing the Primary Framing, Secondary Framing, Roof Systems, Wall Systems and Foundation Reactions together makes the construction process much more seamless for the builder and customer.

Have a product question?

We’re happy to give you a helpful answer. Simply contact Ceco for detailed information on any of the steel building system products we offer, from primary framing systems to our wide range of accessories.

No Job Too Large or Small

From compact facilities like park restrooms to airplane hangars with clear spans over 200 feet wide, Ceco can customize the metal building for you. For a custom metal building, find a builder near you or contact us.