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Recreational Buildings

Recreational buildings often need wide open spaces. Whether you are building a sports facility or a convention center, Ceco offers flexible building solutions along with industry expertise to help design the right building for you. A custom-designed recreational building from Ceco guarantees exceptional functionality with inspiring aesthetics.

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Customizable Recreational Facilities

Recreational buildings have varying levels of requirements depending on the sector of entertainment. From seating to sporting equipment needs, a Ceco building can accommodate many different functionalities. Some types of recreational buildings we can custom design include large athletic complexes, stadiums, dance or yoga studios, indoor swimming pools, event and rec centers and more.

Customize your building shape with clear span and multi-span framing options in varying lengths and widths. Our framing systems allow for maximum interior layout flexibility without  needing to work around columns. Create an appealing architectural exterior design by choosing from our wall panels, roof systems and color options.

Durable & Sustainable Recreational Buildings

Ceco uses high quality steel for all our metal buildings which adds to their long life span. Resistant to pests, water and fire damage, choosing steel for your next recreational building saves you money on repairs.

Steel products from Ceco are virtually 100% recyclable at the end of their life span. Metal buildings require minimal upkeep and operating costs, keeping maintenance waste to a minimum throughout the facilities life cycle.

Why Choose Ceco?

Ceco’s unparalleled expertise, thought leadership, industry innovation and uncompromising commitment to our builders extends across the project lifecycle. Ceco is a company built on relationships and a core belief that collaboration is the key to creating state-of-the-art building solutions. Our specializations are in large, high-complex building systems where we bring our cutting-edge ideas to solve your complex building requirements.

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