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Ceco designs automotive commercial sales buildings, repair shops and garages with appeal, space and layout in mind. In the automotive commercial industry, the building serves as the anchor or your vehicle lot and it’s imperative that the aesthetics of the building promote the appeal of the car buying experience. Ceco can combine a metal building system with a wide array of exterior finishes like ACMs, IMPs, EIFS and other building products such as glass and masonry, ensuring your building will be equipped with a unique look to showcase your fleet of vehicles.

The appeal of low maintenance and weather protection drives auto garage owners to choose metal buildings. With space requirements in mind, the design of your automotive building is completely customizable to your project ideas. hangar is flexible to accommodate varying features and design.

Ceco provides framing to support a column-free, open concept showroom. We can design your automotive building with a flexible layout for office spaces and multi-bay structures for service centers as well as accommodate for roll-up garage doors.

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