Secondary Steel Frame Systems

Ceco’s secondary structural framing systems include purlins, girts, eave struts, base members, flange bracing, gable angles, clips and more.

Cold Formed Shapes

Purlins, girts, eave struts, base members and gable angles are cold-formed from high-quality steel for strong and durable secondary framing system products that conform to ASTM specification A-1011, SS, Grade 55 or ASTM A-1011-HSLAS, Grade 55, Class 1.

Girts & Purlins

Girts and purlins are roll formed “Z” sections, 8”, 10” or 12” deep. Each flange of the “Z”s has a stiffening lip formed at 50° to the flange. The profile of this member allows it to nest with members in adjacent bays forming a continuous beam across multiple bays.

Eave Struts

Eave struts are roll formed “C” sections, 8” deep nominal (roll formed) with 3 ¼” wide top and bottom flanges; or brake formed “C” sections 10” or 12” deep nominal with 3 ¼” wide top flange and 4 ½” wide bottom flange.

Wall Base Condition

Ceco’s standard base condition is to use this one-piece member without a panel notch in the concrete foundation since the base angle/trim provides support for wall panels and closes off the open ribs at their base. However, dimensions of this member allow it to be used in conjunction with a panel notch, if the customer so desires.

Long Bay® System

Ceco’s Long Bay System is a custom-engineered horizontal structural member which supports roof systems with virtual square shaped top and bottom chords. Bay spacing with lengths up to 60′ and depths from 12″ to 44″.

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