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Does a CECO Metal Building System allow me to design a green building?

Yes, it does. Ceco can help you reach your green building objectives. Ceco’s roof panel systems and wall paneling systems, structural members and other steel products are virtually 100% recyclable and can contain 30% to 50% or more recycled material, depending on the product.

In addition, Ceco offers materials that help reduce waste and improve energy efficiency. Many of our “cool color” panel finish options meet the reflectivity and emissivity performance levels required by LEED® and ENERGY STAR®. In addition, we offer insulated metal building panels that allow the designer to obtain superior R-values for greater thermal efficiency.

Ceco also relies on a network of regional manufacturing facilities, lessening the negative environmental impact caused by fuel emissions during delivery.

Does a Ceco custom designed metal building system allow me to use architectural finishes such as masonry, EIFS and glass?

Absolutely. Ceco can custom design your metal building to meet the stringent deflection criteria required for brittle finishes. We can also provide structural members for lateral support, if specified.

Does a Ceco custom designed building meet the rigid architectural requirements of government projects?

Definitely. Ceco has successfully completed countless federal, state and local government projects, from simple structures to very complex multi-building developments. Ceco thoroughly reviews plans and specifications to ensure compliance with government standards. If a specific requirement cannot be met with our custom metal buildings, we will notify you in writing.

Does choosing a custom designed steel building limit me to a basic rectangular structure?

Not at all! Ceco’s in-house design and drafting software gives us the flexibility to engineer very complex structures, including hip/valley roofs, skewed walls and even hexagonal or octagonal shapes. In fact, our long-standing motto is “non-standard is standard!”

Does Ceco offer roof and wall coverings suitable for architectural applications?

Yes. Ceco has multiple options for panel configurations and a wide variety of color options and finishes. We are confident that there is a panel available for every application.

Does Ceco offer insulated sandwich panels?

Yes. Ceco offers a variety of profiles, thicknesses, and color options for insulated panel systems for roof and wall applications.

What experience does Ceco have working with architects, engineers and planners?

Ceco has over 60 years of experience working with professionals in construction, and we are very proficient in reviewing drawings and specifications to determine exactly what you need in a building. In fact, we will be happy to set up a meeting (phone conference, WebEx, or in-person) to discuss these needs.

What markets does Ceco serve?

Ceco Building Systems provides manufactured steel for any “low rise” commercial construction market. Our manufactured steel is most often utilized for the following construction markets:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • Educational
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Recreational
  • Institutional
  • Religious
  • Retail
  • Governmental
What types of structures can I design with a Ceco building system?

Any design that best utilizes built-up rigid frame construction for symmetrical, single-slope, double slope, and asymmetrical configurations.

What types of framing systems does Ceco offer?

Ceco Building Systems utilizes different framing systems based on the projects varying criteria. Please click on the following link to view Ceco steel frame systems.

What size clear span capabilities are available with a Ceco building system?

We offer clear spans from 10’ to 250’ wide or greater.

What kind of roof and wall panel systems does Ceco offer?

Ceco offers a variety of metal roof panels and metal wall panels in the ribbed panel, standing seam, insulated panel, concealed fastener panel, soffit panel, and liner panel profiles.

How large of a structure can be designed using a Ceco building system?

Ceco Building Systems manufactures for the “low rise” construction industry. Ceco would approach a large facility by encouraging the Authorized Builder to employ one of our Engineering Service Centers. Our Ceco Engineering Service Center would then determine the most cost effective design for any large facility opportunity. We are only restricted by the project if it does not meet the “low rise” requirements.

How strong are Ceco buildings?

Ceco buildings are designed and engineered to meet your state’s code requirements. Ceco buildings are as strong as any comparable metal building system available. In addition if you would like to build extra strength into the design of your building, our Engineering Service Centers can accommodate your additional requests.

Where can I find detailed information on Ceco standard rake/eave/fascia/base conditions?

You can find details of many Ceco standard conditions on the CAD Details tab of all panel pages. However, keep in mind that we do not limit ourselves to what is “standard.” If you have a concept, give us an opportunity to assist you with it.

Where can I view available panel colors, profiles, and finishes?

Ceco offers two lines of long-lasting finishes for architectural and commercial panels. Detailed information about our colors and finishes are available on our Color Chart page. To view the most accurate color samples, contact Ceco for an actual color chart or color chips.

Why build with metal?

Ceco Building Systems incorporates a versatile, green and cost competitive design. Our steel building construction in most cases is delivered quicker, better insulated and more cost effective. Encompassing the Primary Framing, Secondary Framing, Roof Systems, Wall Systems and Foundation Reactions together makes the construction process much more seamless for the builder and customer. Our Engineering staff will stamp our project drawings and foundation reaction design. The question is, why not try the Ceco Building Systems approach for your construction project?

Did you know? Ceco offers Furnish and Erect Services.

It’s true! In partnership with our authorized network of certified erectors, Ceco offers metal building erection services including: quoting, scheduling, bonding, and troubleshooting.

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