Manufacturing and Production Industry

Manufacturing Buildings

Create a custom-designed manufacturing and production facility with Ceco. Our experts can support your project with extensive industry knowledge and experience to ensure your building meets its functional needs and  local building codes. Look to Ceco for assistance in custom-engineering your manufacturing projects. 

Durable & Sustainable Manufacturing Facilities 

Steel buildings are a cost-effective solution for manufacturing and production plant buildings due to their resistance to water, pests and fire damage. The roof and wall panel systems used for our buildings are made from recyclable steel materials, making them a sustainable building material for your facility. With Ceco, our experts will work to support your sustainable building needs  

Expansive Customization Options

We have the capabilities to design a clear span and multi-span concept that can be used to provide a column-free floor. Column-free interiors maximize the layout design and flexibility required for manufacturing processes. Our metal buildings can be designed to accommodate HVAC systems and heavy cranes and can be expanded in the future as your business grows. The extensive customization options are ideal for creating a building for a wide column-free range of manufacturing needs from power plants to factories.  

Why Choose Ceco?

Ceco’s unparalleled expertise, thought leadership, industry innovation, and uncompromising commitment to our builders extend across the project lifecycle. Ceco is a company built on relationships and a core belief that collaboration is the key to creating state-of-the-art building solutions. Our specializations are in large, high-complex building systems where we bring our cutting-edge ideas to solve your complex building requirements. 

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