Frame Systems

Ceco offers a full range of building frame systems, including primary and secondary frames as well as building bracing. Ceco’s steel framing systems are ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. Each frame is custom-designed to meet both building codes and project specifications.

Primary Frame Systems

Ceco’s primary steel frame systems consist of interior building frames, building end frames – including rafters, corner posts and end posts – and crane systems.

Secondary Steel Frame Systems

Ceco’s secondary structural framing systems include purlins, girts, eave struts, base members, flange bracing, gable angles, clips and more.

Building Bracing

Each Ceco metal building is engineered to withstand its specific wind and seismic load requirements using components from our extensive bracing system allowing for diaphragm bracing, angle bracing, cable bracing, rod bracing or portal frames.

Long Bay® System

Ceco’s Long Bay System is custom-engineered to allow for flexibility in architectural design while accommodating structures needing extended areas of open floor space.