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Metal School Buildings

An educational establishment is often the centerpiece of a town or city and what connects the local community with students and members of the school or university. Steel school buildings with architectural metal cladding are becoming one of the top choices among design professionals as the premier solution for educational facilities. Ceco’s team of project managers, engineers and drafters works with architects to create metal educational building designs that are both practical and versatile for a school’s purpose.

Ceco keeps customizations in mind, allowing for all levels of education as well as auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, conference rooms and offices, gymnasiums and single or multiple stories as well as additions or renovations. Adding an open concept gym or an inside lap pool to your school has never been easier than when a metal school building is used to house it.

A steel frame and architectural insulated or single skin metal panels can bolster the appearance of the exterior of your school as well as bring the design outside in by using metal panels in the interior as well. With functionality and versatility in mind, designing a large steel educational building mixed with other elements can heighten the appeal of the façade and create a welcoming environment for students, faculty, parents and community members alike.

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