Co-op Marketing

Our Co-op Marketing Program is another great benefit of Ceco’s Authorized Builder Network!

As a growing business, you need all the help you can get to promote your brand, work and services, and that is the exact purpose behind Ceco’s Co-op Program. This program was designed to support your business developments efforts by reimbursing you a fraction of your annual marketing spend. Whether you choose to advertise your services, purchase promotion items for your customers or signage for your jobsite, we are here to support the growth of your business.

Program Requirements 

  • Every marketing buy and tactic must include Ceco’s Authorized Builder logo. This includes promotional items, apparel, advertising, signage, stationery and whatever other eligible item you intend to submit for reimbursement. Download the Ceco Authorized Builder logo from myPortal.
  • Any project(s) featured in advertisements, billboards, job site signage or other printed or digital material must be a Ceco project, otherwise the expense will not qualify for co-op reimbursement. 
  • Your account must be current, active and in good standing to qualify for co-op reimbursement. 
  • Your co-op request with complete documentation (pictures, receipts etc.) must be submitted no later than the last business day in April post co-op cycle. 

Please note: eligible, unused co-op dollars will not roll over past deadline 

Requesting Your Co-op Reimbursement is Easy 

Authorized Builders can take advantage of this program by taking a few minutes to complete the required forms and documentation. 

Step 1. Review the program requirements above to gain a thorough understanding of the guidelines. 

Step 2. Complete the co-op reimbursement form on the next page and attach PDFs of your W9 and New Vendor Form. The W9 and new vendor form are required only for your first co-op claim. 

Step 3. When submitting your information, be sure to attach images of your proof of purchase documents and pictures of any items that were purchased and are being submitted for reimbursement. 


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