Builder Testimonial from Nick Nykerk with Lakewood Construction

Lakewood Construction is 48 years old and we’re a second generation family business and we’re located in Holland, Michigan. Our principles, really relationships are first and foremost in how we do business. And so, that’s evident in our relationship with Ceco. Ceco is always involved in our process. Because we have such a strong relationship, they always know of projects that are coming up, even when we just hear about it as a sales lead.

When we work on a project with Ceco, the things that they provide is an oversight and a guidance to ways on how we strategize to win the project. So whether it’s on cost, or customizations to the building, or schedule, or whatever it might be, they offer insights into that and help really bring strategies to the table in the full procurement process. So they are involved very early in the process, perhaps, where we might not even be selected yet as a contractor, but Ceco knows about the project, we know how we’re going to strategize to procure it…really work in tandem to get sales.