Builder Testimonial from Stephen Holmes with Building Innovation Group

I’ve been with Ceco since 1984. When I need something to help me to get a job or pricing, I can talk to them, the personal touch. The employees at Ceco are all hardworking people. They’re all people that are trying to make our jobs successful.

Ceco’s reputation is, they are dependable, reliable, and honest. When I get a phone call from a client and they want a reasonably expensive warehouse, I will try to push them to a metal building because the engineering is quicker, price is usually more competitive. I know when I put a price together, I can do the job for that price.

Being a partner and together, if they don’t give me the right price, they know I’m not going to be giving them an order because we won’t have the job. When you stay with a company, same company, for 33 years, that’s got to tell you something. We’ve been very successful.