What to Expect from your District Sales Manager

What to Expect from your District Sales Manager

Your District Sales Managers are on Ceco’s frontline, and builders can expect their DSM to go above and beyond for them. The DSM’s number one priority is assisting Builders win jobs, while communicating effectively and delivering exceptional customer service.

The DSM provides service to both internal and external customers at every point of the sale. They service, maintain and grow relationships with existing Ceco Builders, while actively growing open markets within their territory.

The DSM also evaluates the entire scope of a project and determines:

  1. Does the project lend itself to insulated metal panels? (if not already specified)
  2. If it is a low complexity project, could myPortal be utilized to cut costs and expedite delivery?
  3. Would the project be a good fit for Ceco to provide a turnkey furnish and erect?

What tools does Ceco provide DSMs to help Builders be successful?

  1. Annual meetings to review new products, services and procedures, and to review open issues.
  2. The roll out of IMP University and courses designed to educate employees on all things insulated panels.
  3. Sales and peer-led training courses.