Learn more about the MBCEA

Learn more about the MBCEA

Ceco and Ceco builders have been long time members of the MBCEA. The Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA) is the nationwide non-profit-trade association for anyone involved in the metal building industry. With 438 member companies and anticipated growth to over 500 in 2019, their membership directory reads like a veritable “who’s who” in metal buildings. Contractors, suppliers, builders, erectors, roofers and even inspection agencies and unions are listed among their roster.

Why join? For the chance to associate with others in the industry and to learn from their peers. As such, the more people who are members, the more benefits everyone receives. This has been evidenced repeatedly since 1968 when MBCEA was formed through businesses, professional and construction teams that have grown and expanded.

Here are some of those benefits that membership brings to the entire metal building industry:

Continuous Learning:

Through a sister organization, The Metal Buildings Institute (MBI), the MBCEA promotes maintaining a high level of knowledge in the constantly developing fields of construction technology and business management. The MBI’s primary goal is “to improve the quality of in place metal building construction by providing education and training programs to metal building contractors, erectors and students in construction programs, for the direct benefit of specifiers, designers and owners.”

Company Accreditation:

While not required for membership, the MBCEA will assist any member company in achieving the nationally recognized AC478 Metal Building Assembler Accreditation Program.

Networking beyond the Company:

Member companies have many ways to interact with others through the organization. One very popular method is to use the MBCEA website (www.mbcea.org) to network. Of course, there are also local and national events, including the annual, national MBCEA conference where members, manufacturers and exhibitors come together to learn, share and socialize. This is a popular event not just for field personnel, but also for managers who can gain insights into operating and improving their business practices too.

Earlier this year, Ceco participated in the MBCEA New England Chapter’s MBCEA-NEC Golf Tournament which provided not only a great networking opportunity, but also raised funds towards a great cause.

To learn more about the MBCEA, go to http://www.mbcea.org/new-join-mbcea/.