Double-Lok® Metal Roof Panel

Double-Lok® metal roof panels feature mechanically field-seamed, trapezoidal leg standing seams and creates durable, weathertight building envelopes. This roof system is ideal for new and retrofit applications, and is commonly used for industrial and architectural applications. Double-Lok® panels can attach to sub framing with concealed, interlocking clips that minimize panel penetrations and increases weathertightness.

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Dimensions: 24″ and 18″ wide by 3″ deep
Slope: 1/4:12 or greater; When using the fixed clip we recommend for double slope buildings 200′ wide or less and single slope buildings 100′ wide or less. (May vary upon extreme weather conditions.)
Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System
Gauges: 24, 22
Facings: Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
Finishes: Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300
Rib Spacing: N/A
Thickness: N/A
Lengths: 55′ maximum is standard but longer lengths available by special request
Reveal: N/A
Fasteners: Concealed fastening system with floating clips. The clips are available as floating. Two different clip heights are available to allow for insulation
Usage: New and retrofit  roof applications



Panel penetration is eliminated over the entire building envelope other than at the end laps and panel ends which are connected by a compression joint

Assurance of a weathertight building envelope

Factory notched at both ends with pre-punched holes

Field installation efficiency is maximized with installation allowed from either end of building or on both sides simultaneously.

End laps feature a 16 gauge backup plate with pre-punched holes

Allows solid connection at end laps plus proper fastener spacing. Pre-punched holes improve installation; assure proper panel placement.

Fewer exposed fasteners (by 80%) than traditional side lap panels

Increased weathertightness

Air infiltration and water penetration tests under IAS E283 and E331 methods performed on side lap panels

Assures specifiers of minimal air infiltration and water penetration

Signature® 300 paint system

25-year finish warranty

Tall or short clips

Maximizes insulation systems options including 1” thermal spacers at the purlins

Panel side laps feature a factory applied sealant

Facilitates weathertight construction and ease of installation

UL 90 and FM rated

Lower insurance costs

Optional product and weathertightness warranties

Adds to customer confidence



Builder: Piotter Construction

Location: Morris, MN


Builder: Nett Construction

Location: Bradenburg, KY