AVP Metal Wall Panel System

The AVP metal wall panel creates an attractive, smooth shadow line, providing improved aesthetics to the building design with its semi-concealed fasteners. This panel profile with standard pencil ribs, allows for more insulation to be installed behind the panel, providing greater insulating values to meet energy codes and requirements.

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Dimensions: 36″ wide by 1 1/8” deep
Slope: N/A
Panel Attachment: Exposed Fastening System
Gauges: 29, 26, 24, 22
Facings: Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
Coatings: Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300
Rib Spacing: 12” on center
Thickness: N/A
Lengths: Maximum recommended 45’-0”. Longer lengths available on special order
Reveal Options: N/A
Fasteners: Standard coated, CAD plated or zinc-aluminum cast head fastener
Usage: Wall panel, liner panel and façade panel face



Semi-concealed fastener panel

Attractive architectural application

Continuous eave-to-sill until exceeds 40′-0″ length

Eliminating end laps improves appearance and enhances ease of installation.

Signature® 200 series

25-year finish warranty

Signature® 300 option

25-year limited warranty premium paint finish provides ultimate resistance to color changes and chalk.

Optional embossed texture

Embossing the metal reduces glare and the potential for oil-canning.

Fire rating

The panel carries a UL “Class A” fire rating.


radiant-church (1)


Builder: Nett Construction

Location: Bradenburg, KY

Bravo Hangar_0003 - No WM


Builder: Olaf Anderson Construction, Fargo, ND

Location: Fargo, ND