Project Spotlight: ASDC’s Custom Car Showroom and Garage

Project Spotlight: ASDC’s Custom Car Showroom and Garage

Builder Alfredo Site Development Corp. (ASDC) out of Westchester County builds Ceco pre-engineered buildings along the east coast. With a portfolio of projects under their belt, ASDC has ventured into the niche market of constructing buildings for high end collector cars. Their latest project takes metal buildings to another level!

JPL Architects and ASDC were commissioned to design and construct a building that would come to house a number of high end cars. Due to the mountainous drive to the building site and it not being accessible by tractor trailers, ASDC cleverly devised a plan to transport the material. All steel for this project was unloaded in ASDC’s laydown yard, reloaded and moved to the building site utilizing 48 smaller truck and trailer loads. Robert Alfredo of ASDC commented on the build, “This was an interesting project. The site work, rock removal, concrete and shell building were completed in 4 months. We then had a 4 month laydown period, due to interior design, and finishes were completed in another 3.5 months. All in all, this was a 7.5 month build”.

A custom metal building was chosen due to it’s many efficiencies including: non-combustibility, ability for large space and low maintenance. The end project was a 33,184 square foot multi-story car showroom and garage. The building incorporated a slate grey DoubleLok® roofing system and ash grey PBR wall panels.

The car showroom and garage features:

  • An entertaining mezzanine
  • Double deck car elevator
  • 2 dual vehicle turntables
  • Full kitchen and bar
  • Office space
  • Soundproof theater and music rooms


This building is what a car enthusiasts’ dreams are made of!