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Greenhouse Church Case Study Summary

In January 2017, Greenhouse Church contracted with Scherer Construction of North Florida, LLC, of Gainesville, Fla. to build their new worship facility. Greenhouse Church has four campuses throughout Gainesville, a campus in South Florida and an online global community church. The church’s mission is to build a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community while making an impact in the greater Gainesville community.



Greenhouse Church needed a new building to replace its original facility where its church started in 1968. The main goal was to build a worship facility that would allow the church to house its growing congregation and continue serving the community. The current facility had been overcrowded for a number of years which impacted their ministry. A new facility would allow for more room for their growing congregation with a new 2,000 seat auditorium, a new youth building, an expanded children’s ministry space and offices.


Deemed the HUB, the new facility would be Greenhouse Church’s first building project in almost 30 years. Ceco Builder Scherer Construction collaborated with D.L. Scarborough Enterprises of Gainesville, Fla. and Crosier Roofing of Gainesville, Fla. on the facility and the project broke ground in February 2017. There were several reasons why a custom metal building was utilized. The goal was to have a move-in ready building by early 2018, therefore, metal would increase the speed of erection and keep the project on schedule. A custom metal building would also provide low maintenance, longevity and resiliency which would allow for a favorable life cycle cost assessment compared to built-up or conventional construction materials which need repairs, maintenance and more frequent replacement. The economical solution would allow for the church to save costs, both short and long term, which was important to a congregation who uses its spare funds to regularly give back to the community. The maximization of space was another factor. Scherer Construction worked to create a long span, open space in the large sanctuary that would allow for the
church’s required seating capacity. Mezzanines were skewed to match the stage area and would ultimately be the mechanical platforms for church sound equipment.

Scherer Construction utilized 65,000+ sq. ft. of Ceco’s Double-Lok® standing seam metal roof system in 24-gauge Galvalume. The Double-Lok system is tough, long-lasting and weathertight, which bodes well for protection against Florida’s weather conditions. A small portion of the project was conventionally framed, however, Scherer built around it. For the church walls, 30,488 sq. ft. of Ceco’s PBR panel in Galvalume was utilized. To create different aesthetics and break up the exterior canvas of the building, a mix of finish materials was also used, including EIFS over metal panels, horizontal 7.2 exposed fastener panels in Signature® 300 Brownstone and vertical PBR panels in Galvalume. The building included a Skyliner high-performance R-30 value insulation system which helped boast the facility’s energy efficiency.

The church congregation was very engaged with the construction project. Visits to the construction site were not uncommon and updates were regularly given on the church’s social media platforms and website. When Hurricane Irma came ashore in September of 2017, there was worry that the storm would cause damage and push back the construction timeline. However, the church came out of the storm unscathed and the construction progress was not hindered.

That November, families from the congregation, spanning multiple generations, paid one final visit to the construction site. There, in the midst of the construction with the bones of the project complete, each person left their mark on the church. Words of scripture, prayer and hope were written on the metal beams and concrete that made up the foundation of their church. Walls and flooring would eventually cover up those messages, but they signaled a new chapter for their new-found home. The HUB was completed in April 2018 and the church held its first service in early May.

Project Specs

Ceco Products: Double-Lok®, PBR Wall Panel, 7.2 Exposed Fastener Panel

Location: Gainesville, FL

Color: Galvalume and Signature® 300 Brownstone

Square Footage: 70,000 sq. ft.

General Contractor & Architect: Scherer Construction of North Florida, Gainesville, FL

Steel Erector: D.L. Scarborough Enterprises, Gainesville, FL

Roofing Contractor: Crosier Roofing, Gainesville, FL

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