Roll-Up Doors

From commercial to self-storage, roll-up doors are well-suited to be paired with metal buildings. Take a look in more detail at roll-up doors in pre-engineered metal buildings.

Self-Storage Roll-Up Doors

650 Series

The 650 series requires little to no maintenance. The 26-gauge galvanized Grade E hard steel roll-up door has a maximum opening size of 10′ x 10′ and is easy to operate.

650 Series Product Data Sheet

690 Series

The 690 Series Self-Storage Roll-Up Doors are designed to withstand severe weather. This 140 mph wind-rated steel door is the perfect choice for mini-warehouses and self-storage and has a maximum opening size of 10′ x 10′.

690 Series Product Data Sheet

Light-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Doors

1900 Series

The 1900 Series Light-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Doors are most widely used for light-duty commercial and recreational uses. The 26-gauge galvanized Grade E steel roll-up door with ribbed corrugation,  has a maximum opening size of 12′ x 14′, requires less headroom and operates quietly.

1900 Series Product Data Sheet

2000 Series

The 2000 Series Light-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Door is perfect for commercial and recreational uses such as warehouses, storage facilities and more. These low-maintenance roll-up doors have a maximum opening size of 12′ x 18′ and are ideal for applications that require frequent use.

2000 Series Product Data Sheet

Heavy-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Doors

2500 Series

The 2500 Series Heavy-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Door is are a heavy-duty sheet door perfect for high traffic use. These 26-gauge galvanized, Grade E hard steel doors have a maximum opening size of 18′ x 18′ and ideal for warehouses, distribution centers and more.

2500 Series Product Data Sheet

3000 Series

The 3000 Series Heavy-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Doors is ribbed corrugated with a maximum opening size of 20′ x 16′.  This high strength door meets and exceeds wind rating codes making it the perfect door for high winded areas.

3000 Series Product Data Sheet

5000 Series

The 5000 Series Heavy-Duty Commercial Roll-Up Doors are wind-rated and are built to withstand strong winds caused by severe weather. This door is ribbed corrugated with a windlock attachment and a maximum opening size of 18′ x 16′.

5000 Series Product Data Sheet

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