Roll-up Doors in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Roll-up Doors in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Ceco Building Systems

It is well known that pre-engineered metal buildings are suitable for a wide range of uses and can be customized to suit many different situations.  Part of that customization comes from the size and type of doors that can be designed and built into them. All metal building manufacturers can accommodate rough openings for just about any common-sized door, but a few can even provide the doors and hardware too as part of a total, single-source package. This is particularly true for roll-up doors that are suitable for vehicle entries, loading docks, or self-storage facilities. Let’s take a closer look.


Commercial Metal Buildings

Roll-up doors provide large unencumbered openings in commercial buildings to allow vehicles of all types to pass through. Cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and plenty more can all be accommodated by selecting a properly sized door that rolls up quickly and out of the way without any concern about interference or blockage, as is sometimes encountered with overhead doors that open to a horizontal position. In loading-dock situations, the doors can separate the dock area from trucks but allow forklifts, handcarts, or other freight-moving equipment to pass through easily and efficiently. In the closed position, they can provide a weathertight seal against the outdoors, including ratings for wind resistance. In order to allow for easy and fast opening and closing, electric operators and sensors are common that can automatically open or close the doors as forklifts or other vehicles approach or move away from the door. In other cases, they can simply be operated on demand with wall-mounted switches or, for smaller-sized doors, can be manually operated with a chain pull.


Self-Storage Metal Buildings

The rise in the demand for self-storage buildings and facilities has resulted in the use of many roll-up doors being incorporated to access each of the individual storage spaces. Since these doors provide a fully accessible opening, they maximize the types and sizes of items that can be stored without sacrificing needed storage space. They can also provide a secure and safe door opening in an economical and durable manner. Further, the door finish can be specified to provide a durable and long-lasting door surface with a full range of available color and finish types.


Coordination of Products

Regardless of the building use, when looking to provide a design with multiple, large-opening roll-up doors, recognize that the total building enclosure can be provided by the same manufacturer. This means that an insulated metal building with all of the structure and other elements detailed and specified can come from a single source. It also means that compatibility and coordination of doors and other building components is likely already worked out and optimized for efficiency, performance, and economy.  Further, all of the accessories and any options can come with the full package as well.


Overall, metal roll-up doors are well suited to be paired with pre-engineered metal buildings. For designers, they streamline the design process and allow for proven systems to work together. For builders, they reduce installation and construction issues in the field while maximizing competitiveness and profit potential. For the owners, they can provide a single-source responsibility to create a building that will be durable, usable, and attractive for many years to come.