A Solution for the City

A Solution for the City

Posted on December 21, 2018 by Ceco Building Systems

Never in our lifetime has it been more evident than now that design and construction teams are incorporating so many different elements into projects. Customers are increasingly requesting more features and benefits to keep up with changing codes and their own personal requirements. It is our job as the suppliers, builders, contractors and architects to deliver on those needs.


There is something to be said for a tastefully constructed building that brings together many elements. That is quite true for the City of Greenville Public Works Campus project. Not only was sustainability an important factor for the campus, so was the ability for it to be economical and multi-purposeful.


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A sustainable building delivers on energy efficiency, reducing waste, conserving natural resources and optimizing performance. The green movement is at an all-time high in almost every industry today therefore, it’s pivotal that companies provide a built-in sustainable strategy. Ceco was able to help achieve that with this project. The roofing system for the campus was comprised of CFR insulated metal roof panels in Kynar Polar White. The white roof reinforces sustainability by being highly reflective of the sun and reducing solar heat gain. The CFR IMP also offers a superior R-30 value, ultimately enhancing energy performance. The building’s walls are comprised of the 7.2 Insul-Rib™ and Striated insulated wall panels and with a R-21 value, these IMP’s provide another effective measure of energy efficiency. Another benefit of Ceco’s products is that they are virtually 100% recyclable, therefore, contributing to the reduction of waste, another huge sustainability benefit.



Frankly, people want the best value for their dollar. The benefit of low maintenance and low operating costs of metal building’s mean optimization of economic performance throughout the building’s life cycle. Not only are customers looking for value, but they are also looking for short turn around times (within reason). A huge motive for the City of Greenville choosing to build with metal was a faster erection schedule than conventional building materials. Both features of a custom metal building system boded well for the City whose project ultimately came in under budget and finished ahead of schedule.



Efficiency is important to every company. Bringing together different factions of the business to all be centrally located and housed under one roof was an important ask of the City of Greenville. Ultimately, the end project just did this. The campus contains four buildings for fleet services, operations and administration, a fuel island and truck wash. All of these integral parts of the business now have a home from which to conduct business efficiently.

For more information about Ceco’s City of Greenville project, visit our case study page.