Ceco Building Systems’ Advanced Long Bay System®: The Future of Steel Building Design

Ceco Building Systems’ Advanced Long Bay System®: The Future of Steel Building Design

Posted on August 30, 2023 by Ceco Building Systems

Ceco Building Systems’ Advanced Long Bay System®: The Future of Steel Building Design

Ceco Building Systems is at the forefront of construction innovation with their advanced solution tailored for projects that demand vast open spaces: the renowned Long Bay® System (LBS). When architectural brilliance meets functionality, the outcome is an uninterrupted space and unmatched architectural design flexibility that Long Bay guarantees.


Diving Deep into the Long Bay System

LBS by Ceco Building Systems employs an open web truss secondary framing. This ingenious approach ensures robust roof support while significantly cutting down on the installation time of mechanical and electrical systems. Given its compatibility with an array of wall and roofing systems, LBS broadens the horizons for construction design. From manufacturing and distribution to large retail spaces, this system has shown its prowess.

In an industry rife with unforeseen obstacles, Ceco’s unified approach to design, fabrication, and scheduling with the Long Bay System ensures a hassle-free and consistent building design and erection process.

A noteworthy design feature is the LBS’s preference for bolting the purlins to the rafter over welding. This simple yet effective method reduces the horizontal bridging requirement by a whopping 50% compared to the bar joist. The use of self-drilling screws over welding for horizontal bridging enhances the system’s efficiency. The bolting technique also allows for assembly on the ground, facilitating the lifting of sections during installation. This method yields significant labor savings, expedites project timelines, and enhances on-site safety.

With a flexible size range offered in bays from 40’ to 60’, LBS is not only lighter and more rigid than a traditional bar joist but is also adept at integrating with load-bearing masonry or tilt-wall constructions. This ensures a swifter, more accurate installation process, resulting in a structure that’s straightforward to handle, move, and erect, sans warping or sweeping.


Key Features of Ceco’s Long Bay System

Dimensions: Available in bays ranging from 40’ to 60’.

  • Attachments: Incorporates bolted end seat attachments for enhanced stability.
  • Structure: Showcases a stable clip attachment. Outperforms traditional bar joists in terms of rigidity and weight.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality light-gauge cold-rolled steel with a 4″ chord width and a 5″ seat depth.
  • Roofing Compatibility: Suits a variety of roofing systems including standing seam metal roofs, B Deck, Built-Up, Single-Ply, and Multi-Ply roofing.


Advantages of Adopting Ceco’s Long Bay System

  • Economical: Significant savings due to reduced foundational costs and streamlined erection
  • Architectural Freedom: Minimized footings and internal columns, coupled with compatibility with diverse wall and roofing systems.
  • User-friendly: Designed for easy handling, movement, and erecting, without issues of warping or sweep.
  • Construction Method: Panels are attached using self-drilling screws, and can bolt to the mainframe, eliminating the need for on-site welding.
  • Versatility: An ideal choice for manufacturing hubs, warehouses, distribution centers, and expansive retail venues.
  • Installation Prowess: Seamlessly integrates with load-bearing masonry or tilt-wall constructions, promising speedier, pinpointed installations.


Long Bay System by Ceco: A Pinnacle in Open Space Designs

LBS from Ceco Building Systems is a testament to what happens when innovation meets practicality. It’s a trailblazing solution, ideal for intricate open-concept designs. Trust in Ceco’s Long Bay System® has been widespread, setting new benchmarks in steel building designs.

For an in-depth understanding, we recommend downloading Ceco’s comprehensive Long Bay® brochure. Witness the future of steel building with Ceco’s avant-garde Long Bay System®.