Innovative Building Ideas, Set in Stone

Innovative Building Ideas, Set in Stone

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Ceco Building Systems

Peanut butter and jelly. Cheese and wine. Bacon and eggs. Some things just pair perfectly – like stone and steel. At Ceco, we know just how much the rich textures of stone can add to the curb appeal and natural appearance of our steel buildings, so when you work with us you get the benefit of multiple veneer stone suppliers in one resource, making it easier than ever for your projects to be enhanced by this natural pairing. 


Nothing can enhance the curb appeal quite like the rich, organic look of stone – and nothing can blur the boundary between the outdoors and indoors quite like natural stone surfaces. There is something about stone that makes us feel more at home. It seems to call to our ancient, natural instincts. 


Think Twice 

Before you assume that including a stone finish will significantly increase your budget and timeline, you need to understand that veneer stone does not require as much as the traditional masonry exteriors you might be used to. The process has been vastly simplified with manufactured stone, a pigmented concrete product textured to look and feel like natural stone but weigh less than a mere 15 pounds per square foot. Panels of this stone veneer are installed over a plywood or OSB substrate on top of insulated metal buildings, so the insulation and vapor barrier are already in place. That means the cost of cladding a building in stone veneer is 10-30% lower than traditional masonry products, such as natural stone or brick. 


It is a handsome, elegant solution, hence the nameStoneworks. 


Up Your Game 

Stone cladding can become a striking focal point, completely changing the character of a building and altering the impressions of clients, visitors and employees. The shadows, textures and depth created by stone make any building blend beautifully with natural surroundings – or bring the serenity of nature into a more urban or industrial setting. To further integrate organic surroundings, our eight manufacturing facilities across the nation create a wide array of stone veneer products in shapes, colors and textures inspired by regional geography and geology 


Ceco can now offer an extensive range of stone veneers for engineered metal buildings, from traditional appearances like ledgestonecut stone and cobble stone to sleek, contemporary modern styles and even more eccentric products like blendedchiseledrounded and fieldstone. We even offer stone veneer in a brick pattern that is representative of a modular brick system. Though it is technically not a fired clay brick, it is precisely the same size, shape and color – just made from durable concrete and iron oxide pigments.  

 commercial building system

Want some inspiration? Check out some of the breathtaking work done for commercial applicationshomes and interiors. 


Outside In 

Even if stone is not the right look for your entire building, accent walls or interior stone surfaces bring the outdoors inside – in a stunning, memorable way. A church altar, a rock wall behind a reception desk or a stacked stone fireplace are just a few ideas. Better still, since they are not load bearing or exceedingly heavy, stone veneer panels do not require any structural reinforcement. They can simply be adhered to the existing wall.  


Eric Aitken, Director of Sales and Marketing for Stoneworks explains that one of his favorite features of stone exteriors is that they are maintenance free. “It’s not something that has to be repainted,” says Aitken. To prove it, the products come with a 50-year limited warranty.  


Which of our Stone Solutions is right for your project? Depending on your needs, there is a solution that can help you accomplish your goals. 


Environmental Stoneworks  

Environmental Stoneworks is the only national manufacturer and installer of stone veneer providing a single point of responsibility for your project from start to finish. It is a business built on providing expert in-house installation of Environmental Stoneworks products – plus the expertise to handle any problem or obstacle that might present itself. 



Next Steps 

With your metal construction company and stone provider under the same umbrella, you can expect unprecedented efficiencies. Whatever your project or vision, the best place to begin is with your Ceco representative. He or she can contact a stone expert, communicate the essentials of your project, determine if any architectural drawings or specifications are necessary and provide you with the best answers. Get started today.