Specialty Items and Hardware for Metal Buildings and Roofing

Specialty Items and Hardware for Metal Buildings and Roofing

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Ceco Building Systems

Finding a reliable supplier that can provide quick service, knowledge of the metal building industry and available stock including specialty items can be the key to having a building completed on time and within budget. It does no good to have the metal building or roofing parts and pieces on the site and the crew ready to work only to have to wait until they have the right items to proceed. What kind of hardware and specialty items are we talking about? Here is a short overview:



More than a mechanical fastener, anchors are typically larger and longer pieces of hardware and include things like anchor bolts, foundation anchors, concrete anchors, threaded rods and similar items. While some may be fairly standard, special construction conditions or unique configurations means that specialty anchors may be needed. That means the size, shape, finish and length need to be correct for a successful start to constructing a metal building.



A critical part of making a building and roof watertight is the proper use of flashings for differing conditions and for panel penetrations. Hence, having a ready supply of specialty EPDM flashing materials, standard or high temp pipe flashings and neoprene linings for gutters will help insure that work proceeds smoothly and in a water-tight manner. Further, having the ability to use standard or custom colors will help satisfy owner requirements and demands.



Mastic, Sealant and Tape

Many joints, connections and other conditions of metal building construction require compatible ways to seal them effectively against both water and air intrusion. Some are applied from tubes, some unrolled as rope or rods, others are spray applied and a few are custom fit rigid neoprene. The right selection will assure that the right results are achieved.



A good hardware and specialty item supplier will also be able to provide the specific hand tools, cordless tools and accessories needed for a complete installation. The right tool for the job is often the difference between a professional looking job and one that is lacking.


Safety Equipment

Anytime workers are up in the air on a roof or are elevated to work on a wall or ceiling, there is the potential for an accident. Having a source for reliable safety hardware and equipment that is easy to use and effective can not only protect workers from injury, it can help guard a company against liability and claims.


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Content for this article was provided by Mike Turnipseed, at Dynamic Fastener. Dynamic Fastener has been in business for 40 years and supplies specialty fasteners, tools and accessories. For more information, contact Mike or visit www.dynamicfastener.com and download their free Tool and Fastener hand guide.